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Stay current: the week’s best solar links

We’ve rounded up our top reads of the week about solar and the future of the energy … so you can stay current.

-At its annual Future of Energy Summit, the head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance projected that solar will make up nearly one-third of all new investments in electricity generation over the next 15 years. (PV Magazine / Christian Roselund)

-Some farmers in the Southeast U.S. are dealing with low crop prices by skipping the planting process altogether and harvesting sunshine directly. Leasing a portion of farmland for solar projects is providing them with a stable income stream as well as greener power for the region. (Bloomberg / Joe Ryan)

-The consequences of the Porter Ranch gas leak in Los Angeles, which released historic amounts of global warming pollution, are still being acutely felt. A detailed technical assessment by state and local energy agencies warn that natural gas shortages could cause numerous electrical service interruptions this summer. (Utility Dive / Robert Walton)

-A flurry of new clean energy contracts in Mexico suggests that the country’s solar power capacity will grow by a stunning 521% in 2016. (Greentech Media / Mohit Anand)

-A study from the World Resources Institute offers fresh evidence that a country’s economy can thrive as its carbon emissions decline. In the past fifteen years, there were 21 countries – including the U.S. -- that saw their GDP go up as their carbon pollution went down. (New York Times / Coral Davenport)

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