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Clean Energy Solutions Selected as Impact Company 2019 by DotCom Magazine

Palo Alto, California - Mar 1, 2019 - DotCom Magazinehas named Clean Energy Solutions as an Impact Company of 2019. Clean Energy Solutions is the fastest growing company in the Solar energy sector. Their aim is to make sure everyone can easily switch to cleaner energy.

Clean Energy Solutions offer exceptional service aimed at making clean energy available for businesses, homeowners, government organizations and schools without costing them an arm and a leg. Unlike most solar energy companies, Clean Energy Solutions offers a solar solution that is catered according to the customer's energy consumption.

They pay attention to the customer's energy usage and consumption. This is to custom design the solar energy system that will provide the best combination of performance and value. Moreover, the company understands that no household has a similar financial structure. It is the reason Clean Energy Solutions formulate a pay system that is in accordance with their needs.

The man behind the success of Clean Energy Solutions, David Gomez was passionate about bringing a change in the world. With a background in mortgage lending, David decided to start his own company of mortgage lending. This enabled him to keep an eye on the solar energy market.

He thought solar energy is a wonderful business opportunity as it gets inexpensive by the year. So, at the end of 2013, Clean Energy Solutions was established with the aim to provide people a safe, clean, and cheap energy alternative. They sell, install, and provide solar power systems for both, commercial and residential customers. They take pride in delivering quick installation of a solar system to ensure customers are happy and satisfied.

Within a couple of years, they have made name for themselves in the solar energy industry. Their growth rate for 3-years was more than 4500%. They have expanded their servicing areas, from LA to California. The company plans on expanding its operation to Mexico, South and Latin America.

David believes in giving back to the community, this is why Clean Energy Solutions has been a proud supporter of Helping Hands Caring Hearts in Pomona. Gomez believes listening to the customers and adapting quickly to new trends is essential for making your business successful. He believes adapting to things in challenging times makes all the difference.

In 2016, Clean Energy Solutions was awarded by Sunnova Energy Corp. In addition, Ygrene Energy named Clean Energy Solutions million-dollar club.

DotCom Magazine is a leading platform for influencers, company leaders, and entrepreneurs to share their journey and company story. For years, DotCom Magazine has been telling stories of people for inspiration and motivation. The companies sleeted for Impact List depends on their specialty and change they are bringing their industry. The Editor in Chief of DotCom Magazine explained that Clean Energy Solutions is a unique and distinctive company. They are inspired by the leadership style of David Gomez.

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