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Commercial Solar Programs

What type of commercial solar installation is right for your business? Our expert team of solar project designers and engineers will examine your company's facilities to determine the right approach. We manage and streamline the entire commercial solar process, from the initial evaluation and financing to construction and maintenance, maximizing savings for your organization.

PACE Funding


PACE allows property owners to finance solar energy systems with the obligation repaid through their property tax bill.


  • $0 Down – There is no deposit required and no money down. 

  • Flexiblity where it counts – Terms of 5, 10, 15, and 20 years with payments due twice a year with property taxes.

  • Easy Qualifying – Flexible underwriting and low rates.

upfront cost
Flexible underwriting
Tax deductible
30% Federal tax credit

Solar PPA

A PPA or Power Purchase Agreement allows you to buy solar power based on a set rate that is less than the market rate from your local utility company. Because your solar electric rate is locked in, you also protect yourself from the volatility of future utility rate increases!


  • Start Saving Money From Day One – Lock in a lower fixed energy rate than you are currently paying. 

  • Pay Less – Your company can use as much or as little energy as needed, however, with a PPA you pay a lower rate for the energy.

upfront cost
Immedate savings
Zero maintenance fees
Low, stable energy rates

Financed Purchase


Our best program for owning your Clean Energy Solar system. Financed purchases are ideal for businesses that want the benefits of owning the system with the highest long-term savings potential.


  • Save Money – Receive immediate tax benefits through 30% Federal Tax Credit, and other state and local incentives.

  • Return on Investment – Purchasing will typically see the highest long term return on investment.

upfront cost
Lower interest rates
No prepayment penalty
30% Federal tax credit

Commercial Solar Trends

The number of U.S. businesses with solar energy installations grew to a new high in 2015. Enterprises ranging from family-run companies to some of the country’s biggest corporations are producing their own energy, cutting operating expenses, and achieving environmental sustainability.


A recent report from the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) provides data and insights into the diverse mix of corporate offices, office buildings, retail, manufacturing, data centers, distribution and logistics centers, and convention centers that have gone solar.


A key reason for the commercial solar boom can be seen in the significant system price reductions over the past few years, according to the report. “The average price of a commercial photovoltaic (PV) system has dropped by nearly 30 percent in the past 3 years,” SEIA finds.

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